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Checking functions of Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine

Performed functionality test of Ultrasound Machine and perfomance test using Ultrasound Phantom.


PMS of Hematology Machine

Conduct PMS of Hematology Analyzer  and checked all the functions to prevent an inaccurate results.


Functionality test of Portable Ultrasound Diagnostic Machine

This is portable Diagnostic Ultrasound check if all probes are working and verified test using Phantom.


Calibration process of ECG machine

Perform PMS procedure of ECG machine and calibrated using our ECG simulator.


Calibrate Anesthesia Machine using our Fluke Gas flow Analyzer

Performed Calibration of Anesthesia Machine and check if all parameters are all accurate.


Repairing Leak of Anesthesia Machine

Actual troubleshooting of Anesthesia Machine leak. After fix we performed verified Caibration using our Fluke Gas Flow Analyzer.


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